Pool Heat Pump Parts

Pool Heat Pump Parts


Taking care of your swimming pool heat pump after the factory warranty ends is not an issue. The major factories that we like take seriously supporting their products. If in the rare cases that you need a replacement part we can send you OEM or generic parts to get your your swimming pool heat pump back in service. Most parts can be installed by an HVAC contractor, electrician or your pool maintenance company. You can also find a company that will service your unit by calling your heat pump manufacturer and asking them for the closest warranty station near you. They are trained to service your heat pump and many even have spare parts on the truck. You can also leave the diagnosing, service and part purchase to them as well if you prefer to have them take care of everything for you.

If you have an older unit that has been discontinued it might be harder to find factory OEM parts. In some cases you might be able to use generic parts, and in others you might have to consider that your unit has come to the end of it’s life cycle and it will be better to get a new heat pump. We can help you do the math to see what makes the most sense. Since I come from a service background I am predisposed to try to make equipment last as long as possible. Ask about my duct tape story that added an extra 10 years to a heat pump's life once. The life expectancy of a pool heat pump is 10 plus years or more depending on their working conditions and environment. I have some that are still going after 25 years.

Here are some models that we can either get parts for or know what generic parts that will get you heating and cooling again.

If you need parts for any of the above brands or model names please fill out the contact form below. We have access to some original manufacturer parts and we hope to help.


Contact us for original parts for the following brands:

Hayward, Raypak, HydroRoyal Rheem, Jandy / Zodiac, Pentair, Gulfstream, Heat Siphon, Aquacal,

Generic Parts Available. Please contact us to see if they are a good fit for your unit.

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Need us to help you size your pool heat pump according to your location, weather and needs? Please use our Pool Heat Pump Heat Analysis Form and we will prepare a special heat load report for you:


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