Above Ground Pool Heating

Above Ground Pool Heating


An above ground pool can hold as many gallons as a an in-ground pool. The difference is that it will not have the same insulation as an in-ground pool and the heat loss will be higher on cold days and nights. Above ground pools are very affordable and easy to set up. All you need is a very flat surface so that the walls are not stressed. Most include a water filtration and water pump. Some have a salt chlorination system also.

Over the years we heard many customers complain that they have an in-ground pool and the water is just too cold for swimming except for a couple of weeks in July. January for you Southern Hemisphere types. Most people don't enjoy swimming in water that is too cold or even water that is too hot in States like Arizona and Nevada. Another complaint we hear is that the cost of the heating equipment is too high. They might only have paid $300.00 for an above ground pool and then they find that they can't use it as much as they would like as the water is too cold. Then they see that the heating equipment is higher than the pool or if it is gas or electric element that the cost to run the heaters has too high of a cost to operate.

A swimming pool heat pump for an above ground pool could be around 2K. It will be very affordable to operate. An inexpensive electric element heater at $600.00 that is more affordable to buy, but will be very expensive in monthly electric operation costs. Many times it will cost 5 to 7 times more expensive to run than a heat pump. A solar system is very affordable to use but has high installation costs and might void a roof warranty. Many times solar systems won't keep up the pool to the proper temperature due to bad or cloudy weather or it can be affected by the time of the year where the sun is not as direct or the temperatures outside are too cold. Also a solar system can not be used for spill over spas and can't cool a pool like a reverse cycle heat pump can. Ask me about other ways to cool a pool if you are having that issue.

Our first recommendation is to use a blanket to cover your pool and prevent heat loss. By using a blanket you will save close to 70% of the heating costs. We believe a pool heat pump is the best choice. There are smaller models for above ground pools available now. If in the future you would like to invest in an in-ground pool it will be might be possible to use the same heat pump if you oversize it a bit. We can help suggest how you can do that for the most efficiency and affordability.

Sizing an above ground pool is different than an in-ground pool. There are many factors to consider and most online pool heating calculators do not consider all these factors.

We will be happy to help you over the phone sizing your above ground pool according to your location, needs and expectations. We can also do a free computer sizing chart for you that will show the estimated cost to operate and then compare that to other methods of heating. We will help you find the best pool heating alternative available in the market.

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