Need Geothermal Pool Heater ?

Do I need a Geothermal Pool Heat Pump


Geothermal swimming pool heat pumps are one of our favorite pool heating methods in cold weather states for indoor pools that need to be heated all year round.

This is not an application suited for everybody. It requires additional geothermal supplies to complete the installation. Before recommending a water to water Geothermal Pool Heat Pump, we make sure that you will not be better suited to a standard air to water swimming pool heat pump. Sometimes the simpler method is more cost effective and produces better results with less up front costs and with a faster installation time


Geothermal pool heat pumps remove heat from a lake, river, pond, drilled well, or using buried pipes on the property that absorb geothermal heat from the ground. That is called a closed loop installation. Water and ground temperature below 5 feet are more constant, and this makes the system ideal for a year round application in area with large outdoor temperature swings. Different area of the country and the world will need different HDPE pipe loop lengths, buried at different depths. Not everybody has the pipe space on their property needed for a successful installation. We have seen situations where a geothermal pool heat pump was the best application over an air to water pool heater.

Compared to all the pool heating methods available on the market, geothermal ground source or water to water pool heat pumps fall are cost efficient and close to the same efficiency as air to water pool heat pumps. They are very reliable and cost effective to run. Running costs compared to Propane (LP) or natural gas heaters are significantly less and they are more reliable than solar panels.

 If a heat pump cost $100.00 a month then a natural gas heater would cost $200.00 to $300.00 and propane  could cost $600.00 to $800.00 depending on local prices and seasonal variations.

The difference between an air to water pool heat pump and a Geothermal Pool Heat Pumps is that the temperature underground is the same constantly so there are no BTU output variations, making it perfect for certain geographical installations and conditions.

It is also a great alternative for large commercial size pool heating. We see this system frequently in hotels and home associations.

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