Indoor Pool Heating

Indoor Pool Heating


Indoor pools have unique requirements that are different than regular seasonal swimming pools that are outside exposed to the elements. Many customers have contacted us over the year to see if they can use a swimming pool heat pump as the primary heating source for their indoor pool. They ask if the pool heater can be inside the building or if it is better to install it outside? Please call or write us to discuss your unique situation.

Sometimes installing the heat pump inside is the best choice because the heat pump will heat the pool and will also dehumidify and dry the room to help control the excessive the humidity that is common with indoor heated pools. Sometimes it is better to install the pool heater outside if your climate is mild. Sometimes you can combine it with other heating sources like wood or solar. The best of both worlds.

If you are going to put the heat pump inside then you need lots of space and usually another heat source to keep the room warm. For this type of installation to work the room where the pool and the heat pump are located will need to have a clearance of 10 feet above the heat pump unit. If the room is not sized well for the heat pump then we will chill the room with cold discharge air from the top of the heat pump the unit will eventually drop the temperature in the room to a point that the heat pump will stop operating and your swimmers will be uncomfortable.

Sometime using a geothermal heat pump is the best solution depending on your property and if you have a well or enough ground area to lay 

pipes to absorb the geothermal energy that is under your home. Let our experts here at Green Planet Supply figure out the best and the most efficient way to make this work for you.

If you have an indoor application and will like to use a pool heat pump, please contact us first as we would like to help you size your installation properly. We want you to have the right results the first time.

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