Why is the warranty so important

Why is the warranty so important for your pool heat pump


Most people don’t look at warranties in detail when searching for a new heat pump. If they do, then they don't read all the fine print. If you are looking to own one of our heat pumps, you won't have to worry about that as we will do it for you. We pay attention to the manufacturer's fine print and to what each manufacturer offers and also how well they stand behind their products. We have a lot of influence with most of the manufacturers in the swimming pool industry and can step in on your behalf if there are any issues.

If you live in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada, you need to be aware that some manufacturers don't want to support their warranties in your beautiful town. Many only want to service the Continental United States. Shame on them. We can tell you what swimming Pool Heat Pump manufacturer loves your State, Territory, Country or Star-fleet outpost.

We like warranties that are longer than “1 year parts and labor”. We like when manufacturers have extended warranties for expensive parts like: the compressor and the heat exchanger.

If you are purchasing a Pool Heat Pump with a titanium heat exchanger then you should expect a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Not everyone offers that.

If you live in Florida you might have a more generous labor warranty from some manufacturers because some are located in the Sunshine state and can cover their warranties better with their own service crews. Some other manufacturers out of Florida might match that to stay competitive. We can point out what will be in your best interest. We like manufacturer’s that have a USA network of service stations and offer a national warranty that covers everybody equally

If you ask for our recommendation for a swimming Pool Heat Pump, we will not only take into account what size heat pump you need, but also what the best warranty for your location.

A Pool Heat Pump should last 10 to 15 years if serviced and properly taken care of. It is a long term investment that needs a proper warranty backing it up.

The best warranties come from manufacturers located in the USA and Canada.

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