Need Heat & Cool Unit ?

Do I need a Heat & Cool Unit?


This is an important question to consider if you are shopping for a pool heat pump. Most pool heat pump manufacturer’s offer a Heat & Cool feature among their models. Below are some advantages of this option:

Below 50 degree Fahrenheit operation

They will continue to operate below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 Celsius outside air temperature This is good if you have a spillover spa attached to your pool and you want to jump in on a cool night. The heat & cool feature means the unit will have a reversing valve attached to the compressor allowing the heat pump to reverse the flow of freon to defrost itself when it is too cold out. Other swimming pool heat pumps without that feature will just shut down and wait for the outside temperature to warm up. The active defrost will make the heat pump operate at lower outside air temperatures below 50 degrees and you will be able to heat up your pool on colder days or chilly nights.

Extend your swimming season

Extend your swimming season to the max with a heat and chiller heat pump. Because they operate at colder temperatures they are very useful in cold weather states during the marginal days in the spring and the fall. Swim before the normal season starts and keep swimming when the leaves are dropping in the fall. In Southern states the heat and cool feature will help you swim as much as possible during the winter if it is warming up during the day. Use a cover on the water at night to keep your heat in. When a regular heat only heat pump has reached the end of the season, a heat & cool will give you extra swimming days.

Will chill the water during very hot weather

Some pools need to chill the water during extreme heat. Many of our Texas, Arizona and Nevada customers order the heat and cool to chill their water in the summer. The heat & cool will operate in the reverse cycle and cool the water instead of heating. When you have a couple weeks of 100 plus F temperature you need to put some refreshment back in the water. A chiller will do that and will help you in the winter run in the cool days.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about Heat & Cool pool heat pumps. We can help you decide if this is the best option for your swimming pool.

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