Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Built In The USA

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps That Are Built In The USA


These days a lot of swimming pool an, business and home heat pump production is outsourced to other countries. Many dealers don't even know where the heat pumps that they are selling are made as they can be fooled because they have a USA company name on them. We had always favored brands that are manufactured in the USA and swimming pool heat pumps are not an exception for us. We like manufacturers that have been around for a long time building and developing heat pump technology in North America and only manufacture one product: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps.

We like when they design, build, and test them in house, in this country. We visit manufacturers to check up on them and ask a lot of questions. We also look at boxes to make sure the parts are coming from the right places. Most of the time we are very impressed with our favorites. Our favorite manufacturers usually offer better warranty too because they have confidence in their components and design are not worried about the quality of their product because of brutal testing.

We expect that they use the highest quality local components. We know which brands build in the USA. There is no mystery components in them. Parts like the compressors, digital boards and heat exchangers are very expensive to replace once the warranty has ended and we know that quality parts will not fail easily.

Please ask our opinion on the different brands available in your market. We have opinions groomed from 20 years of sending heat pumps to all corners of the world and especially the USA and Canada. We might like one that is near your home with local factory service guys, or that maybe one has a better longer warranty in your state.

We know which heat pumps work better in cold weather and the ones for warm dry climates. We know who treats Canada, Alaska Puerto Rico and Hawaii like any state and supports their equipment there and we know who punishes them and doesn't treat them right.  

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