Nirvana  Pool Heat Pump

Nirvana  Pool Heat Pump


MORE THAN JUST A HEAT PUMP Life is always better with those warm, blue waters by your side. So, we create pool pumps that keep your little bowl of heaven just as warm, and as clear, as you first imagined it.

A word about what your pool guy might say on warranty, installation and other things...
(per Marcus Miller)

"Your pool guy is not licensed or able to service your heat pump once it is installed.
You need an HVAC refrigeration person for that.

So, the same heat pump that I get you, or your pool guy gets will be serviced by the same someone that the manufacturer sends out. As a product owner you will contact them to register your product with them and start a service call if there is an issue in the future.
You will have a manufacturer's customer service number to assist you with trouble shooting, questions, or you can always call us at anytime.

All the manufacturers know who I am.

Most of the head engineers from all the companies know me too. I have a lot of cell phone numbers. Some for 25 years. When I call a manufacturer they are very motivated to take care of my customer. They will not know who your pool guy is.

The installation for most heat pump is to glue 2 water pipes and call a licensed electrician to finish the hook up. It is not rocket science. Very easy.

And I'm always around to answer any questions.
We want you to save money and we want you to be happy with a properly heated pool"

You can follow Marcus Miller on Linkedin:

His advice has helped thousands of pool owners in different applications worldwide.
Marc Miller is a Heat Pump expert for geothermal, aquaculture and pool heat pump applications


Built Right Pool Heat Pump Features



    Built Right heaters are designed and manufactured by an experienced pool heat pump engineer, as well as experienced pool heat pump technicians. Only quality products with superior track records are used during production. All materials used are sourced from American suppliers. Built Right Pool Heat Pumps have been tested and certified to meet AHRI standards for BTU & COP, as well as UL safety standards.

    All Built Right Heaters are equipped with a user friendly remote compatible control board, (i.e. Jandy, Hayward, Goldline, Pentair and Intermatic). The Built Right XW series heaters are among the quietest and most efficient heaters on the market today. All Built Right Pool Heaters use a hard-shell PVC heat exchanger with titanium tubing. The titanium tubing is highly resistant to chemical damage and is also covered for the entire length of the warranty, regardless of pool chemistry conditions. No exclusions apply.

  • Locally manufactured and serviced from Punta Gorda, Florida.
  • Great attention to quality & workmanship. Every heater produced is tested by a heat pump engineer with over 20 years of heat pump experience.
  • All Built Right Heaters are ETL listed to meet UL 1995 safety standards.
  • All Built Right Heaters are independently tested & certified for performance by AHRI.
  • Among the most efficient heaters available.
  • The XW Series heaters are impressively quiet: built with 825rpm fan motors and swept wing fan blades, they also come with a compressor blanket as an added measure to make them one of the quietest heaters on the market.
  • When outdoor temperatures are in the mid 40’s, Built Right Pool Heaters will continue to heat your pool.

XW SERIES MODEL Specifications



Data Test Points:
117,000 BTU’s & 6.5 COP AT 80/80/80
109,000 BTU’s & 6.1 COPAT 80/80/63
70,000 BTU’s & 4.1 COP AT 80/50/63

Data Test Points:
135,000 BTU’s & 6.0 COP AT 80/80/80
125,000 BTU’s & 5.6 COP AT 80/80/63
82,000 BTU’s & 4.0 COP AT 80/50/63







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